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“That tastes like fairground vomit.”

Not exactly a stirring endorsement for a candy product.

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Japanese candy kits don’t really have an American counterpart, though the closest analogues are probably Lunchables or those little gummy hamburgers you might have eaten as a kid. Basically, the kit provides you with a bunch of candy materials, which you then mix with water and put together to create a candy version of some other food item. The three kits in this video were intended to imitate a Japanese bento lunchbox, a hamburger meal and some ice cream. Unfortunately, not everything went perfectly according to plan.

After getting the three pairs of candy builders tipsy off of vodka, the video makers at the YouTube channel Facts. instructed three pairs of people to put together the candy kits. The ice cream team did quite well, with their candy looking just like the picture on the box. The other teams had some difficulty. It’s remarkable that the ice cream team did so well, given that none of the people in the video could read the Japanese instructions on the candy, so they had to just bumble through it.

Just give us a Snickers, honestly.

(H/t Mashable)