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Jenna Marbles can make anything funny. So it was inevitably going to be hilarious when the YouTube vlogger decided to attempt to do acrylic nails herself…on her toes.

If you aren’t sure exactly what acrylic nails are. Please click here. But you’ve almost definitely seen many, many women sporting these mutant nails.

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Marbles, of course, had no intention of doing her acrylic nails accurately or with care. The whole point for her was to highlight just how insane it is that women do this to themselves. Granted, if you go to a salon to get them professionally done, you are less likely to encounter the same pain and turmoil that Marbles did.

“Vote now in the comments if you think this is a terrible idea,” Marbles says before she has even started applying the nails to her feet.

The result is….predictably terrifying. She intentionally made the nails crazy long! But there’s nobody else who could make this travesty as funny as Marbles does.

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