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This hysterical┬áViralHog┬ávideo was captured by a CCTV camera in┬áRio de Janeiro, Brazil, according to the video’s description.

The clip begins with a man sitting on a curb and looking at the screen on his phone. Perhaps he was scrolling through Twitter, or maybe he was reading a really intertsting article. Whatever it was, it prevented him from noticing the stray dog sneaking up behind him. He sits there oblivious as the dog sniffs his back and then lifts its leg. It’s clear what’s about to happen.

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The dog urinates on the guy’s back, and the guy finally snaps back into reality. But it’s a reality he’s rather forget. His back is wet with dog piss and there’s nothing he can do to change it. He lashes out at the dog in anger, but to no avail. He attempts to kick the mutt but misses as it runs off down the street, stops and turns to look at its urine-soaked victim.

It’s almost like it’s mocking him.

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