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On Sunday Jan. 8, Jimmy Fallon hosted the 74th annual Golden Globe Awards and kicked things off with a hilarious “La La Land” parody that featured cameos from all of your favorite TV and movie stars!

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The clip starts off with a shot of dozens of limos lined up on the red carpet, eventually closing in on Fallon’s limo. The comedian then begins to sing, expressing his concern for being tardy but also his excitement at all the stars he’ll see that evening. Fallon then starts to dance through the sea of limousines as he’s greeted by A-list stars like Nicole Kidman and Amy Adams, who join him in song.

Sarah Paulson from “American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson” standing in front of a white Ford Bronco? Check. Eleven from “Stranger Things” raping? Check.

Most importantly: BARB IS STILL ALIVE!

But it was the end of the segment that left viewers in stitches. Jimmy Fallon encounters his pal Justin Timberlake and the two engage in a hilarious dance routine together. Eventually it’s time for the show to start, so Fallon must bid his love adieu!

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