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At this point, don’t we all just feel kind of bad for Kellyanne Conway? Imagine sitting there on a Sunday morning with the family, making pancakes and watching reruns of “The West Wing,” when the Trumphone starts ringing. Kate McKinnon is THAT Kellyanne Conway, trying so hard to make the best of every bad situation her employer puts her in.

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Each time Conway thinks it’s over, and she’s just inches away from the couch, she’s put in front of another Trump/Pence backdrop and made to try and explain the inexplicable, like the idea of Donald Trump challenging President Obama to a “penis-off”.

“If the President could just produce his penis,” she says. “We could get back to talking about what’s really important, which is jobs.”

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And no, it’s over yet. As she scours the freezer section at the grocery store, Conway receives word that Trump is against “watching gay people eat pasta.” That signature Conway spin, though, claims that Trump just wants all Americans to eat healthy foods, like the grapes she has sticking out of her paper bag.

Things get progressively more ridiculous until she just admits that Trump is the worst person she’s ever known.

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