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Most funerals are solemn, or at least subdued affairs. The friends and family of the deceased gather to pay their respects and remember the good times. But what if the deceased had a side that most of their loved ones didn’t know about? For example, in this “SNL” sketch, a dentist’s grieving companions learn for the first time that the mild-mannered man they knew also composed club dance bangers in his spare time. While no doubt great for a Berlin bar at 4 a.m., these tunes aren’t really ideal for memorials.

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Kenan Thompson and host Scarlett Johansson play Dan and Didi, who liven up the funeral service of the dentist/composer with more beats than the mourners are emotionally prepared for. You just can’t shake ya money maker at a funeral, though, depending on the crowd, you might be able to make it work at the reception.