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It’s never a good sign for a comedian when an audience member feels the need to interrupt their set by throwing food. According to Kevin Hart, that’s exactly what happened to him early in his stand-up career; a guest hit him in the face with a chicken wing and didn’t even back down when Hart confronted him. Seeing the writing on the wall, Hart ended his set there.

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Now, with major comedy and movie success behind him and a groundbreaking new special coming up in “Kevin Hart: What Now?,” Hart is ready to even the score with his chicken wing nemesis. In this interview with First We Feast, Hart sat down with host Sean Evans to eat his way through a lineup of wings and increasingly spicy sauces, all the while remarking on his career progress and how it feels to make it big.

Apparently, Hart used to be both a shoe salesman and a lifeguard, and he said he had some good times in each job. Particularly funny was a story of how Hart thought a kid at the pool was just fooling with him by pretending to drown, but in reality he needed help. Don’t mess with your lifeguard, people, or he might not believe you when you’re really in trouble. That said, it does make for a funny story.

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