Kristen Wiig played many memorable characters during her run as a cast member on Saturday Night Live, and with an episode that had a Target sketch without her chipper cashier, Wiig brought out Sue, the “Surprise Lady.”

You know, the one whose incredulous reactions to every surprise she’s ever seen range from the goofy to the superhuman. On this Thanksgiving, her nephew Paul was on holiday leave from the military, to be a big surprise reveal to his mother during dinner.

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“She’s going to get here! Thinking her son is overseas! But he’s over there! Behind the door!” Wiig stammers, a quote not doing her oddball quirks justice. She first forgets about the yelling “surprise” and requests a practice run to make sure she can hold it together. Which she can’t.

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Just when the big surprise is about to go down, Sue has had enough. Wiig uses the turkey as a wrecking ball and breaks a window to escape the situation, a surprise of this magnitude proving too much to bear.

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