Kristin Chenoweth went on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” to promote her upcoming role in the “Hairspray Live!” NBC performance, and she was asked for an odd favor by host Jimmy Fallon.

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“I thought it could be kinda fun if you could change the octave of your voice,” Fallon says to the high-pitched singer, handing her a microphone that pitches down the actresses’ voice.

“You’re making my dreams come true,” says Chenoweth in a low-pitched demonic gurgling. “I’ve never had more balls in my voice.”

Then Fallon proposes that Chenoweth sing the “The Chipmunk Song” while using the microphone that turns her voice from that of an American sweetheart into that of the Antichrist with a nice vibrato.

As she sings the song, she smiles hugely and brings the mic over to Fallon so they can duet on the final note together. Fallon’s voice, oddly enough, sounds a bit higher than Chenoweth’s.

Let’s hope they keep this microphone out of the “Hairspray” performance.

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