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When Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson worked with “Hamilton” composer Lin-Manuel Miranda on Disney’s latest film “Moana,” with The Rock as the voice of the character Maui and Miranda as the film’s composer, he no doubt realized Miranda’s immense talent.

Which is why it made perfect sense for him to tap Miranda for an original video for The Rock’s YouTube channel: a 15-minute work called “Millennials: The Musical.”

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The mini musical follows the story of Crystal, a self-absorbed twenty-something who teams up with out-of-touch Jack to find her phone in time for her Bumble date. On their misadventure, they encounter start-up workers with delusions of grandeur, pretentious juice bar patrons and drugged up EDM fans. Oh, and there’s a love story in there somewhere, too.

Even if you’re not really a fan of musicals, this is definitely worth the watch.