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The theater geek who took over the world, Lin-Manuel Miranda, took a different kind of stage last night as a first-time host of “Saturday Night Live.” His show “Hamilton” is one of the biggest hits ever on Broadway.

“So that means most of you watching at home have no idea who I am,” he quipped.

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But by the end of this monologue, they’d know the hip-hop-leaning actor-singer-songwriter from Washington Heights and his predilection for mindboggling rhyme connections. Like when he walks into the audience and says he’s taking his chance to bring out the dancers. Or “the way these grandstanding candidates be talking, they’re one tweet away from facing off in Weehawken.”

Weehawken. Really.

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Miranda continues, checking out of rhyming “it” by just stopping short of a photo of Donald Trump in the hallway after beginning a phrase that starts with “piece of” and stopping by to check in with Lorne Michaels, who’s just another New Yorker looking for “Hamilton” tickets, before finally returning to the stage and his cavalcade of dancers.

No, no song from the show, but Miranda is genuinely electric — no NBC pun intended.

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