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Ken Bone might just be the newest internet celebrity.

During the town hall debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Bone asked a direct question about energy policies, and quickly became beloved by the internet.

Bone has now become the hottest thing on Twitter, and people have already started creating tributes to the 34-year-old coal mine operator from Illinois, including him in songs, calling him a hero and purchasing all the cable knit sweaters they could get their hands on.

The former drummer has been very gracious about his fame, however, and has remained undecided for the most part, although he has admitted he’s leaning towards Clinton due to her performance during the debate.

Probably the most notable thing about Mr. Bone is that he almost didn’t wear his now trademarked red sweater, as he was supposed to wear an olive suit that his parents liked, but it ripped.

“It was a long day yesterday, we were here for about 14 hours, sequestered. I had this really nice olive suit that my parents just love to see me in, and I guess I’ve gained about 30 pounds over the last year, and when I got into my car, I tore the seat completely out of my pants, and had to move on to plan B.” Says Bone of his now iconic outfit.

It seems we can all be happy his suit tore, or else we wouldn’t have our newest national hero.

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