Megyn Kelly, host of the Fox News show “The Kelly File,” appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and played an interesting game.

The game, “Box of Lies,” involved two contestants and nine boxes. In each of the boxes was a manufactured object so bizarre that most of them defy short description, and it’s up to the contestants to figure out whether the person who opened the box is lying.

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The game gets off to a great start with Kelly getting a chimera of a deer and a stegosaurus covered in iPhones. She looked at it and immediately doesn’t know what to do.

”You seem uncomfortable,” Fallon said to Kelly, while he giggled. Then she described the object, calling the deer a moose, which made Fallon immediately think she’s lying until she mentions the iPhones, which makes him pause.

“Wait, it’s a half-moose, half dinosaur covered in iPhones?” He says, and then claimed she’s telling the truth.

Then, it’s Fallon’s turn, and he gets a Furbie wearing a beer-drinking hat. Kelly thought he was lying and cites her deception-detection class as a reason for being able to see he’s lying after he told the truth.

When the final round comes along, Kelly gets one of those water snake toys threaded through a deck of cards, and the way she described it had Fallon thinking she’s a liar, which secured the last round for Kelly, but the win for Fallon.

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