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After the recent revelation that Vice President Joe Biden will visit Japan and China in an attempt to ease rising airspace tensions, everyone’s wondering what slip-ups the gaffe master will make next.

Well, maybe it’s just me who’s doing the wondering, but someone’s got to.

In an effort to get the jump on Biden’s blunders, we’ve hooked up Rare’s super fancy gaffe tracker to take a look at any future faux pas. We were able to find several great ones, but here are five that were particularly interesting.

Biden compares China-Japan relations to Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan

Biden taunts Chinese diplomats by calling them “kung pao chickens.”

Biden contends that the Japanese should not “panda” to Chinese interests.

Biden diplomatically suggests that Japan and China should learn to respect that they will always have differing slants. 

Biden begins every sentence with “Confucious say.”

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