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“Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood”  is an American television classic, and even though the show is sadly not on the air anymore, it remains in the public consciousness.

However, a show that has existed since 1968 will have its share of odd and ill-fitting moments, and surprisingly, this one has nothing to do with the puppets.

In an odd clip that has surfaced again recently, 15 years after Fred Rogers’ show went off the air, and it is incredibly weird to say the very least.

The clip is entitled “Mr. Rogers Eating a Banana with Cheese” and shows a segment from the show where Rogers gets a message from Chef Brockett in which he receives a banana and a piece of cheese and is told to wrap the cheese around the banana and to eat it right away.

Rogers eats the cheesy banana and asks the audience: “You ever have anything like that?”

Rogers then shares an anecdote about practicing to read and practicing piano, and he then moves on to something else, taking his peculiar snack with him.

It seems that even though Rogers died in 2003, the show that provided so many people with warmth and tenderness has survived to perhaps touch another generation.

Or, at the very least, start a new dietary trend.

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