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From a remote village in Russia, Olya Povlatsky (Kate McKinnon) returned to the “Weekend Update” desk last night. Olya knows how good Russian hackers can be, which is why her password is the unintelligible noise she makes when she wakes up every morning. A true cybersecurity lesson to us all.

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And of course, Colin Jost asks his foreign friend if she’s been following our presidential election, considering Russia’s been a hot issue. Olya says she feels for Hillary Clinton, as she too has been attacked by a dog for 90 minutes. That dog? Now her fiancé. So maybe this election will have some kind of messed up happy ending.

Anything McKinnon says gets turned up to 10 in her Russian accent. When Jost asks if Olya’s worried about the prospect of nuclear war, she laughs it off, explaining that she does a nuclear bomb drill every day. She runs into a field, looks longingly into the distance, and says, “Come to me, bomb. Send me back to hell!”

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The rest of the clip is filled with references to Hans Gruber and Lou Bega, so we won’t ruin any more of the fun.

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