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Wheel of Fortune’s iconic host Pat Sajak couldn’t believe what he was hearing out of his contestants and almost left the building.

Sajak decided that they were being so ridiculous that it was time for him to be ridiculous too.

One team got a the letter “n” right and then tried to guess the rest of the puzzle then and there. “Riding a brown horse!” one contestant yelled out.

The next team got the letter “g” right and guessed “riding a white horse!”

Everyone was laughing, including Sajak who started to make his way offstage in mock protest.

“Who said anything about a horse?!” the host yelled as soon as he got back.

It’s hilarious that the category of this puzzle was “What are you doing?” because no one answering seemed to know what they were doing and no one listening knew what was going on.

What was the answer this puzzle? Reportedly, “seeing a buddy movie.”

Looking back, the other two answers seem more plausible than that.

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