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Earlier this week, Australian artist Lushsux painted a mural of comedian/actor David Spade on a wall in Linz, Austria. The image of Spade might be pretty good, but there’s just one problem — the mural includes a quote (wrongly) attributed to former Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain! Just take a look at this thing:

Lushux’s piece is clearly referencing a popular internet meme, in which people wrongly-attribute quotes to influential people alongside a picture of a completely different famous person, but that didn’t stop people on social media from freaking out about the whole thing.

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The mass confusion eventually caused the “Ridiculous 6” and “Grown Ups” star to respond Twitter with five simple words: “everyone is sending me this.”

So, David Spade has seen this mural. Which means you can leave the poor guy alone. It’s bad enough that people are painting murals of him featuring wrongly-attributed quotes, he doesn’t need to be reminded of it every second.

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