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New Year’s resolutions historically don’t last very long past the moment they are made.

Twitter had a good time Thursday with the hashtag #ResolutionFail. Some of the tweets were just too funny for Jimmy Fallon to pass up.

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CandaceLSmith tweeted, “my first resolution is to drink only when I’m with friends. My second resolution is to make more friends.”

IsabellersG123 tweeted, “my resolution was to make better decisions. Four days later I got stuck in a baby swing and had to call the fire department to get me out.”

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According to, which surveyed 1,273 people on New Year’s Day, Americans’ number one resolution for 2017 was to lose weight/eat healthier. The second was labeled as “self improvements,” while the third was to make better financial decisions. Quitting smoking came in at number four.

The site also stated that only 41% of Americans usually make New Year’s resolutions.

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