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“Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” is widely considered to be the replacement to “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” to fans that aren’t fans of Trevor Noah’s continuation of “The Daily Show”.

Being the successor to Jon Stewart includes the tradition of training the crosshairs on the hypocrisy of the current political climate, and this time, the target was political rigging.

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Donald Trump has famously said that he believes that the election will be rigged against him in November and that people should watch the polls come election day to prevent voter fraud, an incredibly rare occurrence.

In this video, Bee sends her team to interview people at a Trump rally about the possibility of a rigged election.

“The election is definitely rigged,” says a man that will be voting in November, when asked.

“Is that just protecting himself before the result in case he loses?” asks correspondent Amy Hoggart.

“No, he won’t lose,” the man replies, confidently.

“So why would the election be rigged then?” she asks him, as he stands there, silent.

The following footage shows a parade of ignorance, including people who think one thing but believe the other as soon as they bring up Trump, ending with a hilarious reel of people saying that they think Hillary Clinton will claim that the election was rigged if she loses. A large amount of them say that making up excuses for losing is a weak thing to do and that claiming something was rigged is pathetic.

An interesting point of view, to say the least.

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