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Making music line up with other things is a time-honored bored person tradition. In the vein of such storied pairings as “‘Dark Side of the Moon’ plus ‘The Wizard of Oz'” and “Led Zeppelin played backward plus crypto-Satanism,” YouTube user Jon Sudano has recorded a small sample of a cover that perfectly matches two classics from around the dawn of the new millennium: Evanescence’s “Bring Me to Life” and Smash Mouth’s “All-Star.”

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While you’re sure to have to love each of these tracks individually (and we know you do, don’t lie to us), they’re even better together. Call up the bands and get them in the studio. The world needs a collaboration.

(N.B. on the headline metaphor: Smash Mouth is crunchy peanut butter, because as a child you didn’t realize their genius, opting for smoother, less challenging peanut spreads/butt rock bands. Evanescence is dark chocolate, because duh.)

(H/t Uproxx)