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The woods of Westchester county are home to a mythical legend on par with chupacabra or Bigfoot, America’s most elusive grandmother: Hillary Clinton. And “SNL’s” Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney are on the hunt: The Hunt for Hil.

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Mooney and Bennett mock the one of reality TV’s great institutions, the unintentionally goofy investigation show, with the absurd attention to detail that has become their signature. Really, the team of Mooney and Bennett are low-key one of the best things about this incarnation of “SNL.” Everything from the names of their characters (Rafe DeGraw and Coop Dixon, in this case) to their stylistic production choices comes together to make each piece its own little universe.

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In this one, Mooney finds the footprints as Bennett makes a mating call — “We could hear her laugh, but we couldn’t see her” — so naturally, the duo set a trap, hoping to entice the former candidate with a newspaper story about the recount. When that proves unsuccessful, they find a local shaman, who happens to be Kenan Thompson dressed up like ’90s WWF superstar Papa Shango, because that’s what these shows actually do.

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