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Some Americans still ask the same pressing question: Why was President Obama was out of office during the 9/11 attack?

Was he on vacation that day? Was he playing golf?

As “The Daily Show’s” Jordan Klepper discovered, it’s about dang time we get to the bottom of this mystery. Using state of the art investigative work and the magic of deductive reasoning, we have identified five things that could explain his striking absence during America’s time of need:

5. He was taking a White House tour with former House Speaker John Boehner.


4. He was too busy checking out former FLOTUS Michelle.


3. He was getting his groove on with Ellen.


2. He was too caught up looking at himself in the mirror.


1. (Perhaps the least likely, but we included it anyway) He was a state senator in Illinois and wouldn’t become president for another seven years.

Next time, we’ll hypothesize why Obama’s administration was ill-prepared to deal with Hurricane Katrina.

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