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Barack Obama will be out of a job in January of 2017, and Stephen Colbert has taken it upon himself to try and help the president update his résumé .

Colbert joins the president at Carnegie Mellon University, where Obama asks Colbert how the “Late Show” host got into the building. Colbert offers help to the president in updating his résumé so he can find a good job when he gets out of office.

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Then, “Randy, the office manager” (Colbert in a goofy costume) shows up to help the President with résumé crafting.

“Hello, Mr. Obamer? Am I pronouncing that correctly?” asks Randy.

“Close enough,” says the President.

The two figure out how to put Obama’s achievements on the résumé, and they also try to work out some of the issues they see.

“I’m leaving because it’s required by the 22nd amendment of the U.S. Constitution,” says Obama when Randy asks why he’s leaving his job.

“When you say staying at your job would be unconstitutional, what employers hear is that you stole office supplies,” Randy tells the president.

They then summarize recreating the auto industry in the U.S. and opening trade with Cuba as “drives stick” and “conversational Spanish,” respectively. They also devote a few minutes to figuring out how Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize.

All in all, Obama ends up with a pretty impressive résumé.

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