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tTraveling, especially air travel in the post-9/11 world, can be a real pain in the neck. It takes so much time and effort that a day of it can be exhausting, even if you’ve barely had the chance to move in hours.  If you want to live your life on the edge (or you just have really poor planning skills) you can disregard the example of this College Humor sketch and party the night before your flight, condemning yourself to a hangover above the clouds.

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In a tightly edited and mostly dialogue free sketch, the writers craft a nightmare of a day for the protagonist, even though it’s all pretty normal for someone catching a flight. The funniest part is probably the pounding music playing in the cab, though the scene of the protagonist crying in the shower is a close second.

Save yourself some trouble and don’t party before you travel. Be an adult and get drunk at the airport.