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Joe Biden memes are the best things on the planet right now, and they’ve been going strong for a while now. From shots of ol’ “Diamond Joe” Biden from the Onion to the heaps and heaps of spectacular stuff from Reddit’s r/bidenbro, there is a ton of content on the internet of Joe Biden in precarious scenarios.

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The memes play off of Biden’s folksy image and make him onto some sort of buffoon. The people that make these memes went nuts when the cast of “Hamilton” spoke directly to VP-elect Mike Pence and spoke of harmony, to harsh criticism.

The Biden meme people decided that the best way to explain this controversy was to blame the meme Biden for all the controversy. So now, there’s a bunch of great mini-comics on Twitter and Reddit that show ol’ Joe in his top form.

These things are the best, and it’s amazing to see them. As put perfectly by this tweet:

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