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“Whose Line Is It Anyway?” is as impressive as it is hilarious, owing to the improvised nature of the show. With only a few seconds to prepare, you can give the players any topic under the sun, and they’ll have you laughing your head off right away. The cast’s talent is particularly astounding in the “Scenes From a Hat” segments, which are just about what you’d expect form the name. The host, Aisha Tyler, pulls audience-suggested topics from a hat, and the players then craft jokes around those topics.

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The first half of this edition of “Scenes” is “Songs from the Musical ‘Aisha,'” giving the players a chance to poke fun at their host while showcasing their singing skills. They even harmonize for one of the songs, which is impressive, even if the subject matter is, uh, somewhat unexpected.

The second half of the sketch, topically enough, is “Unlikely Valentine’s Card Verses.” From deadpan readings of normal poems (points for the unexpected), to jokes about cheating with your girlfriend’s sister, to shout-outs for the, ah, clothing-light programming of HBO, this segment really puts romance in the air.