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“The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” has widely been seen as inferior to the older “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” but it’s correspondents have remained in top form.

Jordan Klepper went to a Donald Trump rally after the news of Donald Trump’s tape where he spoke of his sexual prowess and fondness for grabbing p***y, broke. Klepper decided to find out whether or not the controversial quotes were having an effect on the Trump voter’s opinion of their supported candidate.

“You know what, so what if he wants to grab pussy? I want to grab pussy,” says a Trump supporter. “I wish I could grab as much pussy as he has.”

What follows is people justifying Trump’s words as “locker room talk,” as Klepper quizzed men and women on whether they actually speak like that.

“Is that how you talk?” Klepper asks.

“No,” a Trump voter responds.

“Is that how your father talks?”Klepper pushes.


“Is that how your pastor talks?”


“So who talks like that?” Klepper askd when he finishes his questioning.

“Well, obviously, Donald Trump.” says the frustrated Trump voter.

Then Klepper asks the people who are certain to vote for Trump if there’s anything Trump could say to make them withdraw their support, which was met with a resounding “no.” It seems that no matter what Trump says, his voter base has firmly planted themselves besides the candidate. The segment ends with Klepper interviewing one particularly interesting person.

“I asked a lotta women here and half of them would love to have their pussies snatched by Donald Trump,” says one male Trump supporter. “One man’s sexual assault is another man’s flirtation.”

“You’re quite the charmer with the ladies,” responds Klepper, sarcastically.

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