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While Rand Paul might have styled himself as the curly-headed guru of libertarianism, most of us know that the actual domineering presence in the movement is not a D.C. politician. In fact, as a true libertarian, he hates D.C. politics and anything associated with government. His name is Ron Swanson.

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While Swanson’s political ideals are fiercely libertarian, Nick Offerman, who portrays the strong and silent character on Parks and Recreation, tends to veer more to the left. A few months ago, he posted a tweet in which he dished on what his famous character would think of the 2016 election. He admitted that Swanson wouldn’t care for either candidate and that there’s a good chance he would have instead written in Merle Haggard.

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At the South by Southwest festival in Austin this week, Offerman doubled down on his personal distaste for Trump. According to the AV Club, he said that “more than anything, more than politics, Ron is a good person […] and regardless of your politics, you can’t deny the fact that Trump is a cheese-dick criminal.” Offerman admitted that he “really likes the tenets of libertarianism” but expressed no admiration of Gary Johnson. It seems that it really might be best for us to leave our fictional characters in the sitcoms where they belong.

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