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Imagine, for a second, working the late night drive-thru shift at a fast food joint, when up pulls a pink stretch Hummer limousine, the driver wearing a green Riddler jacket and flip-up sunglasses. This is the dilemma Pete Davidson is in during this “SNL” sketch, as he’s just trying to take an endless order.

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Each question Davidson asks leads to another window of the car and another absurd character to meet. Like Michael Tangelo, who calls a specific type of Whopper “an entree that ate its own side dish,” beautifully. Or Linda Tomorrow, Emily Blunt in Golden Girls-size eyeglasses, who’s unfortunately in the market for a Mountain Don’t.

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Linda leads to Randy Candy, Bobby Moynihan in bangs and a pinstripe suit, holding a lollipop emblazoned with “Randy.” It progressively gets more ridiculous, with two sisters looking for “just food” and a terrible ventriloquist, and then we finally get to the last window, with Pam, who’s in charge of the financial side of the trip. When Pam asks to split the bill across 26 credit cards, her boyfriend, musical guest Bruno Mars, handles the check and invites the BK staff out to the party.

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