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Internet stars Rhett and Link are masters of creating the hilarious out of the mundane. They are also masters of making the most ridiculous ideas seem almost believable – almost.

The latter is true of their latest music video, which is all about whales – whales dying that is.

The music video, which is called “Tough Decisions,” tells us that no matter what decision we make – it all comes back to whales. Like when choosing between paper and plastic, the answer should be obvious – paper, because plastic will end up in the ocean and give whales “cancer.” However, they try to convince us that paper bags are made out of the “prickly peckerwood tree,” which is home to the “dwarf winged beaver bees.” So, if we choose paper, these bees will no longer have homes.

And what happens when the dwarf winged beaver bees don’t have a home anymore? Well, according to Rhett and Link – this:

They’ve been known to reconstruct their hives

Right inside those same whale’s blowholes

So you can weigh all these factors before you choose to decide

But either way know this…A whale is gonna die.

So ridiculous and so Rhett and Link.

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