Everyone alive in the ’90s-’00s era remembers the age of the crazy ads aimed at kids, and this ad parody by the guys at RocketJump shows that spirit in its full power.

The ad begins with three kids playing some elaborate looking strategy game, and they get a call to play at the park with their friends and a sportsman, the obligatory cameo from an athlete.

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The group is given a sports drink in a pouch from someone’s mother, very ’90s. As they drink it they turn into an amorphous blob of silvery sports drink, which flies off at high speed to the park, where the athlete and kid in fanny packs are playing football, and the blob of children shows up.

“Check it out, now we got a full team!” Says one kid.

What happens next is a mash-up of body horror movies, a la John Carpenter’s “The Thing” and has the athlete burn the resulting monster formed from the trio fusing into a monster with a flamethrower while the other kids run away.

Shell-shocked, the trio of survivors sits at a kitchen table, innocence lost, until they get a surprise from the mother, football shaped pizza!

Well, at least they say to always use a flamethrower with adult supervision.

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