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In another installment of “Freestylin’ with The Roots,” the house band for “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” The Roots, improvise songs about people in the studio audience.

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The skit begins with Fallon interviewing members of his studio audience and learning about their interests, their hometowns and random factoids that contribute to the song. The first interviewee has a preference for ornaments on Christmas trees, or as he says, “Glass Balls.”

The Roots try and make a song, and Fallon requests that they do it in the style of the upcoming “Hamilton Mixtape,” and they deliver an awesome improvisation in the style of Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The next guy has a bit of an interesting interaction with Fallon, as he answers the question “What would you name a show about your life?” with “The Blacklist,” a show that already exists. When pressed by Fallon, he gives the arguably worse name “Justin’s World”.

The final person gets a treat of Questlove and The Roots trying to play a harmonica without having a harmonica, and Quest delivers on it in typical Roots fashion.

There’s a reason everyone is jealous of “The Tonight Show’s” band, and it’s probably because of stuff like this.

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