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“The Simpsons” has been on for 28 years, and the popular phrase “‘The Simpsons’ did it” has been a part of the lexicon of TV watchers for years, as a reference to the fact the show has had a story line covering just about every topic.

They’ve recently revealed in a clip from an upcoming episode what Vladimir Putin’s part in the upcoming election might be.

Homer Simpson goes to vote and meets a man in a outfit of Red Sox gear, as the rest of the Springfield population goes off to vote and show their respective political allegiances.

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“I like this Trump fellow, good businessman, never sleeps, doesn’t pay his taxes, legally!” the man says as he makes his case to Homer. “He will build a wall to keep out beauty queens who eat too much, plus he has a plan to make Russia great again!”

This makes everyone suspicious and they attack him to try and figure who he is.

“Vladimir Putin, President of Russia?” asks Sideshow Mel, and it’s revealed he’s registered to vote, while Homer isn’t registered.

“You have to let me vote! This is a swing state!” he protests. “My vote is worth more than a million Californians!”

“Don’t worry, my hackers will get you in,” replies Putin. “Trump is winning 102 percent! Business is business!” he says as the construction of the Trump Kremlin Casino begins.

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