Whether you’re excited to hop aboard or not, the Trump Train is chugging along en route to Washington D.C. for January 2017’s inauguration celebrations. While Trump supporters rejoice around the country, the Trump administration itself is busy putting together a plan of action and making the necessary appointments.

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Colbert, in his inimitable brand of humor, pointed out during the Nov. 22 episode of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” that the Trump Train already feels like it’s way off the rails.

The late night host kicked things off by discussing Trump’s meeting with various heads of media following his victory. The president-elect gathered the media at Trump Tower for a “dressing down” during which he reportedly called them all out for being liars. Trump also reportedly complained about unflattering photos of himself being used in stories to NBC News President Deborah Turness. “Yeah NBC, come on! Stop using unflattering pictures of Donald Trump. I mean he’s so photogenic,” Colbert said as a gorgeous collage of horrendous Trump photos popped up on screen. “He runs the gamut from ‘I just ate a bug’ all the way to ‘may I lick the bride.'”

YouTube/The Late Show with Stephen Colbert screenshot

From there, Colbert shifts gears to talk about Trump’s Cabinet appointments, which have caused quite the stir among conservatives and liberals alike. First, there’s Jeff Sessions, the Alabama senator who was once denied a judicial appointment under the Reagan administration due to allegations of racism. Then there’s Chris Kobach, Trump’s front-runner to lead the Department of Homeland Security, who showed up to a meeting with Trump with a strategic plan for the first 365 days already in tow.

Leave it to Colbert to give us all a little post-election clarity!

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