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Don’t watch this if you have a week stomach!

The wild bunch over at Buzzfeed challenged some of their staff members to eat some of the most disgusting food combinations we have ever seen.

First up, the brave participants ate chocolate chip cookies covered in ranch dressing.

“It doesn’t smell like it will be good,” one guy said before chowing down. Apparently, the combo wasn’t that bad.

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Next up, pickles and peanut butter. One girl spit it out immediately, while all of the guy kind of enjoyed the salty, sweet treat.

Twizzlers and nacho cheese sauce was the next disgusting item on the menu. “Have you lost your fucking mind?” one participant asked. That snack really didn’t go over well with the staff.

Nutella and cheese was also out immediately. Gross. Who wants that?! Yeah, and pickle juice and Cheetos can go, too.

We want no part of that.

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