This trio from BuzzfeedVideo, Andrew, Steven, and Adam, the camera man, are the people behind the viral videos that send people off to first try cheap food and then expensive food.

In their new video, “$2 Hot Dog Vs. $169 Hot Dog,” the trio goes around and tries to eat hot dogs of varying price in the Los Angeles area and eventually make their way to Seattle to try and eat the most expensive hot dog in the world.

The video begins with the three going into Vicious Dogs in L.A., the cheapest hot dogs on their excursion, and they eat the hot dog alongside a paired beverage and an order of fries. The owner then gives them a special dog of his own creation.

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The next place is a traditional German-style restaurant called Wurstküche, where they tried a combination of beer, sausage, and Belgian-style fires. The two also enjoyed the special dogs – one lamb and one that was a combination of rattlesnake and rabbit.

Then it is revealed that the two will be leaving at 4:30 the next morning to go to Seattle.

“I’m not doing that,” Andrew said.

“Yes you are!” Steven replied.

The two try the Juuni Ban, a hot dog with a brioche bun, a special bratwurst, foie gras, special onions, truffle, caviar, and the two of them eat the dog with great relish.

They rate the other restaurants as more convenient, but recognize the amazing quality of the Juuni Ban and worth going to if you can drop $200 on a meal without worry.

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