These two guys are testing a hypothesis: that you can can go anywhere as long as you have a ladder under your arm and act like you have work to do there.

Troy Kinne and Steve Philp, a pair of Australian comedians, decide to give Philp’s theory, that a ladder can give you access to anywhere, a shot and go off to try and get in as many places as possible.

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It’s an interesting theory. As long as you look like you belong somewhere, people will assume that you do and let you pass. The two try the theory by bringing a ladder under their arms to several places, including a train turnstile, a five star hotel and some places you wouldn’t expect the ladder to work, like a fancy restaurant and a boat cruise.

They manage to get into everywhere they try, even though it takes a bit of finesse to get themselves into certain areas. Once there, they play a few tricks on actual workers.

“Whose ladder’s that?” asks Kinne to a worker on a work site he snuck onto. “Cute.”

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