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“If you hurt a pumpkin, what do you put on it?”


“Close, a pumpkin patch!”

YouTuber Guava Juice has made a pretty cool video in which he and his cousin Marlin explode a pumpkin using only rubber bands, a process that involves putting individual rubber bands around a pumpkin until the combined force destroys the rind. Eventually the bands slice the pumpkin from one end to the other. This seems like a long way to go to cut a gourd in half.

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The two get at it, making several pumpkin puns as they try to explode the pumpkin. They snap the rubber bands on their hands by accident and try and make jokes about pumpkins, including calling a fat pumpkin “plumpkin” and a pumpkin that works out as a “pumpedkin.”

The two then try to freestyle about pumpkins and make poetry while they snap-clap and dab, all the while putting more and more rubber bands around the pumpkin, which they drew faces on.

At 100 rubber bands, the two begin to hypothesize about whether or not they will get injured or the room will become a mess, or both, and begin to dab to a microwave’s beeping. Then they take a moment to rap on the theme of teddy bears and bananas.

Eventually, the pumpkin is cut in half by the two’s efforts, and they manage to see it before it happens, and freak out, ending the video by putting the halves of pumpkin on their head.

There’s probably an easier way to get pumpkin for pie, boys.

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