Every year, Doritos enlists he help of its fans to create original and groundbreaking content for their annual Super Bowl commercial. Many of these commercials are ultimately ditched due to their content, which usually leans in a hyper-sexual direction. After the ads are denied, they then make their way online, where they ultimately get a second life on the Internet. One such commercial from 2014 shows what happens when Doritos get between a man and his girlfriend.

The ad shows a young woman in sexy lingerie trying to start naughty time with her boyfriend. Despite her best attempts, her boyfriend doesn’t seem to care, as he is distracted by his delicious Doritos. Later in the commercial, the man discovers that his Doritos are missing, only to discover that his girlfriend had taken them. He finds her laying on a bed, naked apart from a Doritos layer of goodness surrounding her body.

It’s easy to predict what happens next.

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