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Drunk driving is a real problem, and in the heat of the moment, there’s no easy way to try and tell your friends to not drive, as it seems like a social faux pas.

In this New Zealand anti-drunk driving commercial, the internal struggle of people who have to stop their friends from driving while intoxicated is made apparent in a hilarious way. A party rages on as a drunk observer sees his friend prepare to leave via car, and he begins to fret about the situation.

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“I should say something, but I could look dumb in front of Monique,” says the narrator as he watches his friend George prepare to drive home drunk.

“Bro, Monique says you’re dumb,” says another party-goer in the narrator’s voice as he imagines the consequences of letting George drive drunk.

He imagines having to live with George’s family while they put together puzzles and then thinks about being haunted by George for the rest of his life if George dies in a crash.

“Grab a chip? Wanna chip?” asks the ghost George as he follows the narrator in the dream sequence.

“You know I can’t grab your ghost chips. Go away!” says the narrator as he gets called names for reacting to an invisible ghost only he can see.

The ad ends with a conversation between the narrator and George, in which the narrator admitting he has been “internalizing a really complicated conversation in [his] head”, and suggesting to George that he crash at the party house instead of driving. The video shows off consequences humorously, but doesn’t trivialize drunk driving, which makes this ad effective and hilarious.

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