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Rep. Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) was being sworn in to Congress when his son decided to unveil a “dab.” In a cringe-worthy moment, Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, asked the youngster if he was going to sneeze.

Marshall later tweeted at Paul Ryan “just so you know, he’s grounded.”

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The “dab,” as the move is known, originated in Southern hip-hop, according to The Guardian. It became world-famous when Cam Newton began using the motion as his go-to touchdown celebration. Several soccer players in the United Kingdom now dab after they score goals.

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When Hillary Clinton dabbed on “Ellen,” it marked the beginning of her awkward period that lasted all the way up until she lost the election, but even hers wasn’t as awkward as Congressman Marshall’s son. Speaker Ryan later tweeted jokingly, “still don’t get what dabbing is.”

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