This classic throwback from the hit 1990s sitcom, “Friends” will make you laugh all the way to the Thanksgiving dinner table.

In this classic scene, Phoebe walks into Monica and Rachel’s apartment to find Joey wearing a raw turkey on his head! Joey admits that he was trying to scare his buddy, Chandler, and that’s how the turkey wound up on his head in the first place.

“Help me get it off! Plus, it smells really bad in here,” he pleads with Phoebe.

“Of course it smells really bad, you have your head up a dead animal,” she responds as Monica walks into the room. Phoebe puts Joey’s head on a plate and pretends to dress it but it doesn’t work, and Monica freaks out!

Monica comes up with a plan to get the turkey off of Joey’s head, “okay, I got it. Phoebe, you pull and I am going to spread the legs as wide as I can.”

Joey lets out a “he he he” from underneath the turkey and the girls try to pry him loose. The turkey slips from their hands and Joey stumbles towards the front door as Chandler walks in, startled.

“It worked! I scared you! I knew it!” Joey exclaims, pointing in the wrong direction from where Chandler is standing.

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