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While the major cable networks are boosting their ratings with breakneck reports on the Trump presidency, local news is steering clear of politics. Case in point: the news team at KGET in Bakersfield, Calif., presented a story on the “canine caper,” or “bread bandit,” and proved that local news is still thriving and definitely worth watching.

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The hilarity began immediately, when newsman Danny Freeman opened the segment by declaring, “The four-legged fiend was caught on camera stealing from the store […] but now we’ve learned that no dog’s pilfering paw is above the law.” The fact that Freeman was able to deliver an opening so ripe with alliteration is impressive alone, but he continued through his story later in the segment, narrating the dog robbery: “The hungry husky went for the Wonder Bread, close to the ground, soft to the bite, but fled after being caught red-pawed.”

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The two huskies who tried to make off with the bread were caught and taken to an animal shelter. According to an official interviewed by KGET, the pups will be held for a few days then put up for adoption. Freeman later tweeted about the segment, writing, “Want a fun story NOT about politics or Trump but about DOGS? I present to you the Canine Caper Caught on Camera. Enjoy!”

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