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You’ve probably never come across a product like the “GoGirl,” but it’s the sort of thing that you won’t be able to forget. The Amazon product description calls it a “female urination device that allows you to urinate while standing up.”

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Apparently, the GoGirl is relatively easy to use. The instructions claim that you “just hold GoGirl against your body, forming a seal. Aim and, well, pee.” You can throw it away or save it for another use, but we’d recommend tossing the GoGirl after a single use. On Amazon, reviewers have left streams of comments praising the product.

A number of women wrote that the GoGirl is perfect for the outdoors when there’s no bathrooms around. One woman even described the product as “a girl’s best friend.” An anonymous reviewer said that she uses the product frequently when she’s walking her dog. And it has a really good rating, with 3.9 out of 5 stars; 54 percent of people gave the product five stars.

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However, not everybody was a huge fan of the GoGirl. A few of the larger ladies admitted that it doesn’t always work for them. One wrote, “good invention, but hard for this fatty to use.” But at less than $10, the GoGirl is probably worth it.

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