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The Save the Day campaign to raise awareness for voting has debuted a new advertisement to inspire people to head to the polls.

Previously, the campaign released an ad featuring tons of celebrities coming out against Donald Trump, including Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, and Neil Patrick Harris, parodying the trends of campaign ads.

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In this new ad, entitled “Idiots,” a British man reveals that Brexit makes the U.K. seem like the idiot of the world. He then implores the United States to elect Donald Trump to show the world that the British people aren’t quite as stupid.

The ad goes strictly ironic and negative, making the point that people showing up to vote was the reason Brexit occurred, and warning of a similar fate for the U.S. people. It claims the British are the graceful ones, and the Americans are loud and foolish.

“You’re the subhuman f***wits who think that a mentally unstable bankruptcy addict’s going to somehow be ‘strong on trade,’” the British man says.

It’s pointedly sarcastic, but it also tries to draw parallels to the Brexit vote, showing that a bad decision will be made if we don’t stand up and take action.

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