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These challenges make you wonder what they’re thinking when they’re dreamt up. It seems the more interesting question is what these people are thinking when they agree to do them.

The Pranksters in Love are back, and they have responded to the mouthguard challenge trend. In their video, entitled “THE CRINGIEST CHALLENGE EVER”, the two try on medical mouthguards used for dentistry and try to eat food while their mouths are forced open.

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They begin with fairly easy foods like bananas and mash, while Nikki gets grossed out by the sight of gaping mouths filled with chewed food. They then move onto the harder things to process when one has no ability to close their mouth, like hot sauce and salt and vinegar potato chips, which leave them in drooling messes with food falling onto their clothes and table.

“How are you doing this?” asks Nikki to John, who is notably better at keeping the food in his mouth.

“I’m a very talented person, Nikki,” John replies, through his mouthguard, as Nikki proceeds to bite her finger.

They then begin to spit and retch as they try Squid Jerky, which causes them to take a break, pulling out the mouthguards and spitting the jerky out.

“One of the worst things I’ve ever tasted,” John comments, as they spit into a towel. The challenge ends with cookies and then a challenge to spit out wasabi without the use of their lips.

Probably don’t try this at home. It was pretty gross.

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