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Max Greenfield, who plays Schmidt on Fox’s “New Girl,” stopped by “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” to share an anecdote about his life.

When Greenfield came on wearing a soccer uniform, it raised questions from the host, Stephen Colbert, who asked for the story behind the get-up.

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Greenfield then shared a winding story about how he managed to get himself a job as a youth soccer referee, even though he did it as a goof. He really hadn’t meant to take it seriously, and he only got the job after taking a difficult test he didn’t think he’d do well on.

“I never thought I would actually become the referee. I thought I’d take the test. I thought I’d fail. I thought I’d tell people, ‘Being the referee is not for me; the test was rigged.’ I never thought I’d be the referee,” Greenfield said.

Then he spoke about how he hates it because he never took the idea seriously. Now that he is responsible for refereeing, he has to deal with what’s going on, and he has no idea to respond to the people criticizing his referee abilities. He gets so heated that he tweets at 3 a.m.

It’s an interesting parallel with some current events, you could say.

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