Everyone knows that Black Friday shopping can be a nightmare, but this video is next level.

At the Nike Factory store, shoe boxes abounded, so much so that people were waist deep in empty shoe boxes.

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“This was the scene around 8:15 pm on Black Friday at the Nike factory store and it was an utter disaster,” the video description says. “The store had been open since 5:00 am and was set to close at midnight. There were tons of people shopping and as you can see, they had no issue walking over boxes and apparel that were just recklessly strewn about the store. For such a huge place it’s incredible how almost every inch of the floor was covered in merchandise. People were seen just tossing stuff around and showing disregard for the store’s merchandise. Pretty wild scene.”

At least there don’t appear to have been any punches swung during the great shoe grab of 2016.

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