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Miranda Sings is a character played by Colleen Ballinger that began on YouTube and has given the creator over 11 Million subscribers over her two YouTube channels, Miranda Sings, a dedicated channel to the overconfident caricature, and PsychoSoprano, Ballinger’s personal channel.

She is one of the few YouTubers who has managed to bring her fame on the video-sharing website to more conventional means with her new Netflix show “Haters Back Off,” which chronicles the rise of her character’s, Miranda Sings, rise to fame.

Ballinger appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” as herself and became Miranda on-air while Fallon distracted the audience by dancing. Ballinger affected the breathy nasally voice of Miranda and over applied lipstick and the prudish shirt that her character dons.

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She then gave Fallon tips about how to improve his show, telling him to have famous people instead of people like Jon Hamm.

“He’s very famous,” said Fallon in defense of Hamm’s appearance on his show.

“What is he famous for, making bologna? Jon Hamm? I never heard of him in my life,” responded Ballinger, in character, as Fallon laughed and questioned why Hamm would make bologna.

“Ham, bologna, what’s the difference?” she responded.

Ballinger then advised Fallon to make his guests answer questions about himself and pretends to interview Fallon while asking him questions about herself, and tells him how to show a clip from a guest’s new program.

You can watch “Haters Back Off” on Netflix.

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